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Wildland Fire

Vol. 4 No. 1 FS-763 (Eng) FS-763 span (Span)

* Note: All editions of the Natural Inquirer starting with Volume 5 and including future editions require the newest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 in order to be downloaded. We have upgraded in order to ensure greater accessibility to PDF files. Please click on the following link if you need to upgrade your Adobe Acrobat reader: Upgrade now to Adobe Reader 6.0. It is a free upgrade.

This edition of the Natural Inquirer is all about wildland fire. You will learn about the benefits of wildland fire, as well as some of its dangers. You will learn what fire scientists are learning about wildland fire. They are learning, for example, 1) that wildland fire should not be completely eliminated from natural environments, but it should be managed; 2) how to predict weather conditions which favor a wildfire being started; 3) the relationship between wildland fires and climate change; 4) how to best protect homes and other buildings from wildfires; and 5) how wildland fires can benefit the natural environment. As you will see when you read the articles, all of the scientists in this journal enjoy learning about wildland fire. We hope that you enjoy learning about it too!

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