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Slip Slidin'Away: Who Goes Skiing and Snowboarding in America?

This article is from Issue Rocky Mountain - Vol. 2 No. 1.

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Do you know anyone who has gone snow skiing or snowboarding in the past year? Over the past 30 years, outdoor activities like skiing have been growing in popularity, with more and more people going outdoors to have fun. The scientist in this study, wanted to know how many people across the United States went downhill skiing and snowboarding in the previous year.

Note to Educators

Education Standards Correlations

Meet the scientists that contributed to this article:

"Science Topics" covered in this article:
  • Earth Science
  • Life Science
  • People and Science

"Environmental Topics" covered in this article:
  • Forest and Grassland Use (Educators)
  • Growing and Using Trees and Other Plants (Students)
  • Importance of Forest to People (Students)
  • The Value of Forests and Grasslands (Educators)

Regions covered in this article:
  • Rocky Mountain

"Thinking About Science Themes" covered in this article:
Scientists can study all kinds of topics and still be interested in the natural environment. This study focused on people and is a type of science called social science. Social science is concerned with the feelings and behavior of people. To find out about people's behavior, social scientists can observe them or ask them questions. In this study, the scientist asked a lot of people a series of questions about what they do out of doors in their free time.
Specific "Thinking About Science" Themes:
  • Scientific Topics

"Thinking About Environmental Themes" covered in this article:
What do you need to have to go downhill skiing? Well, of course'"you need mountains and you need snow! Not every place has these two natural resources. Places that have mountains and snow attract visitors who spend a lot of money doing things like skiing. This can help the local economy of an area by providing jobs that support activities like skiing. Skiing and other outdoor activities depend upon a healthy and beautiful environment. It is important to realize that the environment can help the economy, but that it must also be cared for. If we take care of our environment, it can continue to provide resources for human use and enjoyment into the future.
Specific "Thinking About the Environment" Themes:
  • Value of natural environments

NSE Standards covered in this article:
  • Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry (A)
  • Nature of science (G)
  • Populations, resources and environments (F)
  • Risks and benefits (F)
  • Science as a human endeavor (G)
  • Understandings about scientific inquiry (A)

Science Benchmarks covered in this article:
  • Habits of Mind: Communication Skils
  • Habits of Mind: Critical-Response Skills
  • Human Society: Cultural Effects on Behavior
  • Human Society: Political and Economic Systems
  • The Mathematical World: Shapes
  • The Mathematical World: Uncertainty
  • The Nature of Science: Scientific Inquiry
  • The Nature of Science: The Scientific Enterprise
  • The Nature of Technology: Issues in Technology
  • The Nature of Technology: Technology and Science