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Web Resources

Wildland Fire 2

USDA Forest Service: Wildland Fire

USDA Forest Service: Black-backed Woodpeckers and Fire video

USDA Forest Service: 1910 Fire Commemoration

The Great 1910 Fire

BLM: Soil Arthropods

USDA Forest Service: Wildfire Prevention and Wildland Urban Interface

NPFA: Firewise

All About Birds: Black-backed Woodpecker

USDA Forest Service: Bitterroot National Forest

USDA Forest Service: Fire and Aviation Managment

Forest History Society: Fire Education Module

USDA Forest Service: High Elevation White Pine

NOVA: Explore the Methuselah Grove

USDA Forest Service Joint Fire Sciences Program: Fuels Reduction and Restoration in the Bosque of the Middle Rio Grande

Animal Diversity Web: Common Kingsnake

Gopher Snake

BLM: Mycorrhizal Fungi