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Middle & High School Issue:   

Urban Forest

Vol. 6 No. 1 FS-809 (Eng) FS-809SP (Span)

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What are urban forests? Urban forests are the trees and other plants that grow where people live, go to school, work, and play. Even if you live in a rural community, the trees in your yard, around buildings, and in parks are called urban forests. Calling them urban forests helps you to see that they are different from the kind of forests that grow in large undeveloped areas. Urban forests include trees in community parks and other public land, along streets, in neighborhoods, around businesses and industry, and just about everywhere in a community. You will find urban forests almost anywhere that you find people living, going to school, working, and playing. Urban forests provide many benefits to people and their communities. Some examples of benefits include reducing noise and soil erosion and providing homes for animals.

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