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 The Time Warp Series

History is important to science. That's why we've created the Time Warp Series, giving students a glimpse at the connections between current and past research on topics from wildland fire to water quality.

The Time Warp Series is a collection of seven monographs that take students on a journey through time. Each monograph includes research from the present that is followed by an article on the same scientific topic from the past. This series gives students the ability to dive into many types of science, including research on pine trees and beetles, computer-based water quality assessments, termites and their role in forests, tree growth in various conditions, wildland fires, the impact of ungulates on quaking aspen growth, and even the role of Forest Service scientists in improving baseball bat design.

Each monograph includes one of these research topics followed by several activities and information on specific types of scientist to help students learn about research over time and highlight a specific part of the Forest Service's experimental forest and ranges (USFS).

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Full Throttle Model

Chew on This!

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants 

Where There's Smoke, There's Fire

On the Fence


Batter Up