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Scientist & Engineer Card Ordering


Natural Inquirer scientist & engineer cards feature over 245 different Forest Service scientists and engineers. From social scientists to foresters and wildlife biologists to engineers, these cards help every student see possible career opportunities.

Choose from the Wildlife, Women in Science & Engineering, or a Full Pack. Fill out the information below to order your cards today! The scientist & engineer cards are free. ENJOY!

CLICK HERE to view or download the cards.

* Please double check your address before submitting your order.

** We are no longer able to ship internationally. We are sorry for any inconvenience. We invite you to download materials from our website.

*** Additionally, each order will include a sample Natural Inquirer journal. 




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Full Pack (95 of our cards randomly chosen from our collection)  


Up to 3 smaller packs (choose below)

If have chosen the smaller packs, please indicate which 3 packs you would like:

 Women in Science & Engineering - 30 randomly chosen women cards

 * Please be sure your total is no more than 3 packs.

 Wildlife  - 30 randomly chosen cards that focus on wildlife research
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