Nature Health Benefits LIVE

 A Virtual Learning Adventure

Hoping to learn more about the health benefits of nature? Every Friday in February, the Forest Service and Natural Inquirer program will be releasing an episode of Nature Health Benefits LIVE! You will have a chance to learn about a research study on greening vacant lots, the physical health benefits of nature, the mental health benefits of nature, and SO much more! Tune in at 1 p.m. EST on February 23rd to the Natural Inquirer's YouTube for a live Q&A with experts from the Forest Service! You can leave your questions in the comments on any of the videos!




Episode Challenges: 

After each episode, students will be prompted to complete a "challenge" for the week. Additional information on those challenges can be found below. 

  • Episode 1: Find 15 minutes this week to go outside and be active. For example, take a bike ride, throw a frisbee, or walk. If you can't get outside this week, find 15 minutes to be active where you can see outside. When you are done, note how you feel overall. Download Episode 1 Challenge Graphic Organizer. 
  • Episode 2: Find 15 minutes at least twice a week to go outside. What do you hear, smell, and see? How do you feel after your observation time outside? If you can't get outside this week, look at a photo or photos of nature. What do you find appealing about these photos? Download Episode 2 Challenge Graphic Organizer. 
  • Episode 3: Make a list of types of things you currently do when you are outdoors. What types of activities would you like to add to the list? Visit Discover the Forest for some new ideas! Download Episode 3 Challange Graphic Organizer.
    • A Green Bill of Health monograph- This monograph is the one discussed in episode 3 of Nature Health Benefits LIVE with research from Michelle Kondo and her colleagues. Students will learn about how vacant lot treatments in Philadelphia impacted nearby residents' mental heath. 

Bonus challenges:

  • Class/Family/Group Challenge- In this challenge, we want you to think more about how much time you spend outdoors. As a class/group/family, you will track how much time you spend outdoors each day for three weeks. (Or choose another time frame that will work for you!)
  • FACTivity from "A Green Bill of Health"- In this FACTivity, you will examine whether being in nature affects your mood. 


Additional Resources:

Natural Inquirer

U.S. Forest Service

National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF)

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

 Additional Information: