Natural Inquirer Lesson Plans

Although Natural Inquirer started with journals for middle school students, we quickly expanded our offerings to include texts for students in elementary school. Below are some lesson plans to pair with our texts.

Reader BINGO BINGO using sight words frequently used in the Reader series. Use this Printable Bingo Board!

Visual Thinking Strategy and Picture Description Strategy Use the Visual Thinking Strategy (VTS) to elicit prior knowledge before reading a Reader. Then review what you've learned using the Picture Description Strategy (PDS).

Take Two Use the "Take Two" strategy to encourage students to share their personal experiences and outside knowledge regarding topics presented in the text.

Pop ups Get students moving and listening closely by using "pop ups." Assign students words from a text, and as you read, students "pop up" (jump out of their seat, then sit down again) every time they hear the word.

OWL Use the Observings-Wonderings-Learnings (OWL) graphic organizer to connect students to a topic and draw out prior knowledge and questions for future exploration.

Anticipation Guide Gauge students' prior knowledge and knowledge gain by doing true/false questions before and after a Reader.