Invasion of the Song Snatcher


We're closing out our articles on citizen science with "Invasion of the Song Snatcher!". Learn how invasive plants influence song diversity among chipping sparrows, then head outside for your FACT-ivity - recording your own bird observations. What is abundant in your area, and why do those bird like that particular environment? 


Article (grades 5-10):

Invasion of the Song Snatcher! - Citizen Science Edition


Complete outdoor FACTivity



Bonus (all grades):

This is a bonus activity to connect to "Invasion of the Song Snatcher!" Choose a song with lots of covers, and play several of these, comparing and contrasting different artists' interpretations of the song. Then listen to the six recorded chipping sparrow songs. Then complete the graphic organizer and activity.

Complete extended FACTivity at the end of the article 

Bird song recordings