FS NatureLIVE is an online distance learning adventure put together by the US Forest Service and other partners. Below you will find links to all of their online modules that include topics such as caves & karst, freshwater, grasslands, climate change, bats, butterflies, and many more. The modules include videos, lesson plans, and other classroom resources. 


Moon Trees LIVE - In these videos, students can learn about Moon Trees, Artemis I, the Orion Spacescraft, tree species, seed sceince, and ask questions to experts from both NASA and the Forest Service. 
Woodsy Owl LIVE - In these modules, students can learn about Woodsy Owl's different ethics, ways to implement them, careers in environmental conservation, and ask questions about conservation and have experts answer these questions live. 

Smokey Bear LIVE - In this module you will learn about the history of Smokey Bear, fire prevention, the equipment used to prevent wildfires, the fire rating danger system, and the spectrum of fire prevention and management. 


 Great Outdoors LIVE- In this module you will learn about public lands, Shoshone National Forest, the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, Golden Eagles, mules that help with the maintenance of the National Forest, and the re-introduction of bison on Native American lands.
  Caves LIVE- In this module you will learn about cave ecology, geology, hydrology, conservation, and other human and ecosystem benefits of caves.  
   Fresh Water LIVE- In this module you will learn about the importance of fresh water, watersheds, the water cycle, hydrology, ecosystems in freshwater, and conservation. 
   Grasslands LIVE- In this module you will learn about this unique ecosystem, and how scientists, citizens, and local ranchers are working together to manage and conserve this habitat. 
  Climate Change LIVE-  In this module you will learn about climate change through a series of videos, webcasts, webinars, and online field trips. This web series as information and data from climate experts, scientist, teachers, and students.
   Wetlands LIVE- In this module you will learn about the wetland ecosystem, it's benefits for people and the environment, how they improve water quality and watersheds, how they reduce flood and storm damage, and about their fish and wildlife habitats. 
   Bats LIVE- In this module you will learn about how bats are vital to healthy ecosystems, the types of pest bats can eliminate, how they can help with agriculture problems, their habitats, and much more. 
   Pollinator LIVE- In this module you will learn about different pollinators, the role they play in the food we eat, how they help flowering plants, their place in biodiversity, the declining numbers of pollinators and the effect this will have on food webs and human health. 
   Monarch LIVE- In this module you will learn about monarch biology, citizen science programs, butterfly reserves, conservation and sustainability programs, butterfly gardens, monarch behavior, and their migration patterns. 
   Migration Science and Mystery- In this module you will follow shorebirds on their 6,500-mile journey from Panama to Alaska to learn about their migratory patterns. 
   America's Rainforests- In this module you will explore a tropical rainforest in the Caribbean National Forest in Puerto Rico along with the temperate rain forest in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.
  Winging Northward- In this module you will learn about the migration patterns of a Western Sandpiper. You will follow the birds on their journey from Mexico to Alaska.