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Explaining It All

Yup, even scientists write reports. The great thing about your report is that you already have everything you need to write it. Your question, your hypothesis, your background research, your testing methods, data analysis, and conclusions. It is all there!


What to include in your report

Some extra things you may include in your report are:

  • New questions that you now have and can test in the future
  • Acknowledgements, or a list of individuals you would like to thank for their help with your project
  • bibliography, or a list of resources you used during your project
  • An abstract, or an overall summary of your report.


How to enlighten others

  • State whether your results support or go against your hypothesis.
  • If appropriate, state the relationship between the independent and dependent variable.
  • Summarize and evaluate how you carried out your experiment, making comments about what went right and what went wrong.
  • Suggest changes in the experimental procedure (or design) and/or possibilities for further study.

Light Bulb of AwarenessWatch these videos to see real USDA Forest Service scientists talking about sharing their research with others.

You can learn more about how to explain your findings and share with other below or the resources found on our resources page.