Experimental Forests & Ranges


In 1908, the Forest Service established a system of experiment forests and ranges (EFRs) to be set aside for environmental research. View the links below for information and spotlights on the USFS Experimental Forest and Range.


Argonne EFR, Photo courtesy of Cristel Kern

USDA Forest Service


Natural Inquirer Resources:

Spotlight on Argonne Experimental Forest 

Spotlight on Black Hills Experimental Forest

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Spotlight on Luquillo Experimental Forest 

Spotlight on Harrison Experimental Forest 

Spotlight on Fernow Experimental Forest

Spotlight on Glacier Lakes Ecosystem Experiments Site

Research in Luquillo Experimental Forest

Research in Coweeta Experimental Forest

Additionnal research in Coweeta Experimental Forest


Additional Resources:

U.S. Forest Service Resoures on EFRs (Lesson plans, videos, research briefs, and more)