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Dr. Ritson Dr. Ritson

Forest Service Station: Non Forest Service Scientist

It is hard to pick my favorite science experience since I have had so many different types of experiences in geology, oceanography, chemistry, and biology. Remembering my time in Idaho with Dr Pilliod always brings a grin to my face. Having the time to get to know a place, people, and a population of frogs is awesome. I spent 3 years watching the mountains turn from white (snow covered) to green (with new plants) to brown (as the vegetation dries out) to white again. I learned where every secret lake, pond, and puddle was and the routes to and from them. Actually, the frogs taught me a lot of short cuts over the years as we followed them. It was awesome what I learned from these frogs (but I had to be patient and take time to observe them). I still don't know how they know where the different lakes are or how to use a short cut between them, but these questions keep me curious.