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Dr. Megan Friggens Dr. Megan Friggens

My first favorite science experience was taking a 10-day field trip to Belize as part of a college tropical biology class. Belize is in Central America. This trip was my first opportunity to travel to and live in a tropical jungle. I also explored Belize's cays and reefs. I saw animals in the wilds, such as howler monkeys and barracudas. I did a field study on a plant that eats insects. I also learned a lot about the local human populations. These people were often leading efforts to conserve wild habitats and animal species. During this time I slept in a hammock, was attacked by tiny biting flies, and swam in crocodile infested waters (the crocodiles were too small to hurt me). By the end of it all, I knew that I was going to be an ecologist.