Beeatrix Spotter

Meet Beeatrix Spotter, our mascot here at Natural Inquirer! She slowed down enough to have her portrait painted by one of our founding members, but then she was off again. See if you can "spot" Beeatrix in the images below! Click on the images to enlarge them and find Beeatrix. 

Beeatrix in a Prairie Strip (easy)
Beeatrix and a bear (advanced)
Beeatrix and a Brush-tailed Possum (moderate)
Beeatrix helping start a prescribed fire (advanced)
Beeatrix in the grasses of rural Alaska (advanced)
Beeatrix and Golden Eagles (moderate)
Beeatrix at Denali National Park (moderate)
Beeatrix and Red Knots (advanced)
Beeatrix and waterfalls (moderate)
Beeatrix and a Walking cicada (moderate)
Beeatrix and a King snake (easy)
Beeatrix and forest debris (easy)
Beeatrix with termites (advanced)
Beeatrix in a Hawaii dry forest (moderate)
Beeatrix in a koa tree canoe (advanced)
  Beeatrix back in the koa trees (photo by Paul Scowcroft) (moderate)
Beeatrix and a Chipping Sparrow (photo by Aubree Benson) (easy)
Beeatrix with Citizen Scientists (photo by USFS, Northern Region) (easy)
Beeatrix and a Lion Fish (photo by Lad Akins) (advanced)
Beeatrix in Manti-La Sal National Forest (photo by Babs McDonald) (moderate)
Beeatrix and a wolverine (photo by Keith Aubry) (moderate)
Beeatrix in a Carolina Bay (easy)
Beeatrix and a Woodhouse's Toad (moderate)
Beeatrix in the Mangroves (photo by Brandon Cole) (advanced)
Beeatrix in Koa Trees (photo by Dr. J.B. Friday) (moderate)
Beeatrix in Hawaii (photo by David Flaspohler) (easy)
Beeatrix with a bat (easy)
Beeatrix with a river otter (photo by Stephanjezek) (advanced)
Beeatrix in a mogote (photo by Ernesto Medina) (moderate)
Tabonuco tree in Puerto Rico (photo by Jerry Bauer) (easy)
   Beeatrix and mussels (photo by Dr. Andrew Rypel) (moderate)
   Beeatrix in a beaver dam (easy)
   Beeatrix exploring a cave (advanced)