The World's Forest 

In all three of our World's Forest editions you can find articles about forest biodiversity, global climate change, forest management, types of forest, and many more. Each edition contains 4-5 scientific articles related the the World's Forest and the impact they have on our environment. The World's Forest Natural Inquirers were created in collaboration with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). All of these editions can be ordered in class sets of 25 or more copies. We are also offering an educator pack that will contain all three editions of the World's Forest and a lesson plan.

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World's Forest 3

World's Forest Educator Pack

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World's Forest

World's Forest 2

Extra resources:

Natural Inquirer lesson plans

International Day of Forests by the FAO

Forest for Kids by the FAO

Forest for Kids Teaching Guide by the FAO

The Forestry newsroom by the FAO