Science Hour - Distance Learning

 Click on the link for articles and activities that take about an hour for students to complete.

Scientists, Assemble! (grades 4-12)

Studying Morel Mushrooms (grades 5-10)

Investigating Wilderness Activities (grades 5-10)

Valuing the Wilderness (grades 5-10)

Scientist and Engineer Courses (all grades)

Exploring Scientist and Engineer Cards (all grades)

Scientist and Engineer Card Game (all grades)

Meet Dr. Flitcroft - Salmon Habitats (Pre-K to 2nd grade)

What's the Nonpoint - Watersheds (grades 5-10)

Timed Travel - Water Temperature (grades 5-10)

Sediment-al Journey - Metal Concentrations in Water (grades 5-10)

Mussle Mania! - Water Quality (grades 5-10)

Green Means Clean - Water Quality (grades 5-10)

Caribbean Cruise - Watersheads (grades 5-10)

 Scientist and Engineer Cards (all grades)

 Pine Trees and Beetle Protection (grades 5-10)

Full Throttle Model (Time Warp Monograph Series)

 Water Quality (grades 5-10)

Termites and Forest Wood (grades 5-10)

Vulnerable Species (grades 5-10)

Wildland Fire and Climate Change (grades 5-10)

 Barrier Protection (grades 5-10) 

 Urban Forestry (Pre-K to 2nd grade)

 Device-ive Science (grades 5-10)


 All Over The Map (grades 5-10)


Lion in Wait (grades 5-10) 


 Invasion of the Song Snatcher! (all grades)


 Carbon Cycle (grades 5-10)


Fire Prevention Education (grades 5-10) 


 Baseball Bat Engineering (grades 5-10)